Manage your online presence

Ideally, you would want your web designer to advise you what it entails to have a Web Presence.

Just having a website might not mean that anybody will ever see or find it.

There are some really quick and easy ways to promote your website for free. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Web Maama or Web Nanny who would tell you all these things and even take care of it on your behalf?

A website is really a lot like a car. It can be pretty on the outside but without Search Engine Optimisation (SEO – code inside which makes it easy for Google and other search engines to find and display your website when someone types in a search term) it will stay in its garage.

So, SEO is the engine. It should be fast and sleek.

Once you have a beautiful car with a great engine, you are still up against millions of other websites and to stand out, or even ever be seen, you have to do some easy, fancy footwork or have someone who really knows what they are doing, do it on your behalf.

If your web designer does not offer a wider range of services or at least offer suggestions of what should be done and introduce someone who could help, chances are they are not really professional and web-savvy.

Quick test: Look at your potential web designer’s own website and their Social Media following. If they cannot do it for themselves, how will they grow yours?

Do they offer legitimate sites and Social Media platforms which they manage and grow and look at the number of followers they have grown for their clients.

Unless you have a whole marketing department, it will serve you well to deal with a professional web developer who understands the web and who can help you with a total strategy of how to grow your online presence. Both the influence and Google Ranking (Whether you appear on the 1st page of appropriate search term searches) of your website and all the ways to help it and your brand to get noticed.